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Absolutely Mintage helps you create and define an individual style of living.

Our Company

We are a small family run business with a great respect for the past and quality pieces of furniture. We know that loving your home is important to us all. It’s not just somewhere to sleep and eat, it’s where we feel safe and how we express ourselves to our friends and family.

Our passion is to be contributing to the ‘don’t throw it away’ ethos and to help you make that individual style and elegance whether you live in an old farmhouse or a newly built house. We source so you don’t have to! Everyone can look Mintage!

Julia Wheatley

My love of vintage furniture exploded following a house renovation. With a very limited budget, we turned to sourcing quality used & vintage furniture and discovered it had far more to offer in every way over most high street furniture. The price tag was less, it had character, functionality and once painted as we wanted, it blended in perfectly to our newly renovated house!

With the fire-fuelled, in 2017 I was lucky enough to turn this passion into reality by opening the shop and help others create the haven that tells a story specific to them.

What we do

Absolutely Mintage is the place to come if the fusion of modern with vintage for the home is your passion.

We have a passion for helping you fill your house with furniture that really reflects your life and style. From handmade furniture to recycled and upcycled quality pieces. Vintage style in a modern environment.

We source individual, quirky furniture to make your home different and enable you to create a distinct living style.

We sand, wax and paint pieces, sometimes with a bit of decoupage.

All of it carried out by us, here on site. You can either commission your own pieces, go for something we have already finished or choose what you want and in the colour you want. Never another one like it! That’s what we do, that’s Mintage!

Products & Services

Absolutely Mintage are official stockists of Frenchic® Furniture Paint and offer products and services for the modern vintage home. From upcycling furniture projects including commissions and bespoke services to quirky home accessories; define your unique lifestyle.

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